Polygon Game Night

We take care of the community so you can focus on building

What We Do

PGN News Feed

Our centralized news feed sends out our partner’s project information and updates over various discords to reach thousands of community members. Sharing information from our partners helps grow all of our communities together. 

Weekly Events

Each week we post a schedule of events, which includes a week-long event and individual daily events. While the daily events are focused on creating activities for discord members to participate in, such as AI art creation and game nights, the weekly event is geared more towards engagement on your social platforms.

Token and Marketplace

PGNT is a ERC token created and controlled by PGN. It is a reward that is given out to community members for their participation in events and engagement. This token is redeemable in our Marketplace that PGN will fill with NFTs from our partners. This will allow the community to select the NFTs they love, simply by being an engaged member of the community!

More to Come

These are just a few points to briefly explain what PGN is creating for our partners. We are working with Discord developers, contract writers and more behind the scenes to make PGN the best experience possible in Web3 community building. Contact us or apply below to find out more!

We take care of the community so you can focus on building

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