Dust Bunnies

Dust Bunnies have tumbled out from the deep dark trenches that are under your sofas, behind the books that you never read and from the cobwebs in the corners of your ceilings.


*Limit 10 per transaction and a cooldown of 30 seconds between transactions

Who are the Dust Bunnies?

These dusty little balls of hair and dirt have been living among humans for thousands of years. However, in recent years, the increase in the human’s need to clean has destroyed their natural habitats. So thank you to everyone who refuses to vacuum, dust or clean your house because without you these adorable little balls of filth couldn’t survive


The Dust Bunnies NFT collection is 500 handmade and rendered 3D designs. After minting all 500 of the Dust Bunnies there will be a division between the funds generated. 10% will be donated to MUSC Children’s Hospital, 40% will cover the initial costs spent in creating the project and the remaining 50% will be used as funds to grow the Dust Bunnies project and PGN.


Dust Bunnies are the mascot of PGN and with that will receive benefits such as:

Exclusive Event Nights to Holders

Airdropped Event and Holiday NFTs

Free Minting of the Next DB Collection

More TBD….